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Reviews for Chaparral Chiropractic Wellness Centre

  • Wonderful. Everybody is so nice, and makes me feel like at home.

    - Lynn
  • Great Service, always friendly and accommodating.

    - Rhianna
  • Excellent! Flexible, friendly, courteous service. Dr. Mark genuinely interested in your progress.

    - Sherri H.
  • Great! Always friendly and easy to communicate with.

    - Ellen
  • Great! I came in with lower back pain and after treatment with Dr. Mark I am pain free!

    - Sarah
  • Excellent service. Never any wait. Forgiveness for missed appointments! ☺

    - Lynn
  • You are all fabulous!

    - Tanis
  • The alternatives and schedule flexibility to book appointments were excellent. Thank you so much to all of the Chaparral Chiropractic Wellness Centre staff.

    - Carlos H.
  • Absolutely excellent service

    - Justin
  • Very helpful.

    - Thea
  • Great! – Very welcoming environment.

    - Adrianna
  • Great. So helpful and accommodating.

    - Emily
  • Very friendly service, no waiting times.

    - Lorraine
  • Outstanding service, I’ve noticed a big improvement in my mobility especially for my posing for competition. Made a big difference. Allowed me to take 1st place on May 1st in Vancouver.

    - Kaitlyn
  • Less muscle pain/tension in back and neck, less severe symptoms Better mood and a little less angry/anxious. Sleeping more consistently, better energy and balance/happiness. Also, ease of booking and friendliness of staff.

    - Shawn
  • Excellent service.

    - Geoff
  • Great! I feel very welcome when I’m here and always given information before I even ask.

    - Teri
  • Good first impression.

    - Jim T.
  • Excellent, immediate issue was resolved and now working on general improvement!

    - Duane
  • Everyone at Chaparral Chiropractic is professional and friendly, and my expectations were certainly exceeded! I’m so glad I decided to visit this clinic.

    - Darcy S.
  • Fantastic! Always attentive and supportive to our needs.

    - Darcy
  • Love the service, always quick and staff is always very friendly!

    - Gina
  • Great service; personable and punctual.

    - Stacy
  • Friendly atmosphere.

    - Kelly
  • Everyone’s wonderful! Consistently! ☺

    - Gail

Better Mood with Less Pain

I have less pain. Allergies bad right now so sleep is not excellent for that but better with back pain. Better mood with less pain, sleeping better. Office is personable, warm caring friendly environment.


More Positive

Less pain in neck and shoulders/no spasms. Starting to do more physical exercise (less pain) more positive.


Sleeping better

Less pain, injuries less severe. Hoping for a decrease in number of illnesses as time progresses. Sleeping better. Very impressed with Dr. Mark. Friendly competent staff, thorough.


More Energy

Less pain, more mobility, less severe symptoms, quicker recovery. Seem to have more energy


Less Pain in Lower Back

I have less pain in my lower back


Less Pain

Less pain, I can move my neck


A Calm Atmosphere

Less pain, less stress, more energetic. Office is a calm atmosphere happy working staff


Friendly Environment

“Highly recommend friendly environment in and out for the treatment. Dr. Mark is very professional and explain clearly. ”

Very Impressed

Since I had never been to a chiropractor, I didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised and felt at ease from the moment I walked in. I am very impressed with the visit and hopeful for improvement. The Xmas goodies set out in the waiting room was a nice touch.


Experience was fantastic.

Care plan has been very effective for my condition. Highly recommend the Chaparal Chiropractic Wellness center.


The staff are all fantastic!

I was happy that I was sent for x-rays, which gave me more confidence and encouragement that the doctor has some information to work with. I was also very impressed with the equipment and technology of this office to be able to determine much more information at the assessment stage. It was enlightening to glean so much information from watching a video explaining the bone structure and the nervous system. Some of this was new information to me. I was furthermore impressed with having the ability to pull up an online video demonstrating how to do some of the recommended exercises. I have needed to review this a few time to ensure that I was actually doing the exercise correctly. This was definitely a bonus for a visual person. I am extremely hopeful that with continued therapy and guidance from this practice, as well as my diligence to do what I need to do, I will be able to continue doing all the activities in my current lifestyle.


Welcoming and Calming

“Atmosphere is welcoming and calming. Noticed improved energy levels, congestion clearing up, better stress management.”

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