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More Great Reviews!

  • Less pain and headaches

    - Danielle
  • I have better neck movement/less lower back pain…better sleep. Friendly staff!

    - Cory
  • Great way to look at health and wellness.

    - Blair
  • Always on time and friendly professional treatment.

    - Tom
  • The staff here is very nice, friendly, and compassionate.

    - Bonnie
  • Less pain…I’m not stuck in bed when my back acts up. More mobile and I can play with my daughter without worry. Better mood, sleeping better, I am not longer missing work. Staff are amazing/helpful.

    - Alyssa
  • The service is excellent, very professional, and always polite and sympathetic.

    - Sam
  • I am a lot more in tune with my body. I also feel that I have an increased level of overall well being.

    - Kim
  • Fantastic! I’m very happy with the overall experience. Great staff.

    - Gabrielle
  • Less pain, less headaches, less back pain, more flexibility. Staff are always friends and very accommodating.

    - Toby
  • You have addressed muscular areas as well. I feel more alert and able to function a lot more efficiently during my day.

    - Kristie
  • I don’t get migraines anymore! Used to get 1-4 migraines a month! I haven’t had one in years now due to chiropractic!

    - Michelle
  • Hips aren’t popping out anymore, feel more mobility in spine. I have a better mood and feeling less anxious. Sleeping better and have more energy throughout the day.

    - Hailey
  • I love coming to your practice it is so relaxing and friendly. I have received wonderful care.

    - Barbara
  • Awesome and friendly

    - Emma
  • Service is excellent!

    - Wendy
  • Appointments are prompt. Times are flexible.

    - Keith
  • Great service! Speedy, efficient, and thorough.

    - Colleen

More Mobility, Less Pain

“Pain is not as bad, and have more mobility with less pain. I have stopped taking my anti-depressants. Seem happier, appear to be sleeping better. Found office education to be helpful and interesting. ” –

Service is Great

“Mobility has improved a lot, still need more work. Very accommodating pleasant and professional.” – Doug

Less Pain and More Mobility

“Better mood and sleeping better. Office people are nice, education was helpful and interesting.” – Minhao


“It has been great to have problems fixed. I’ve also discovered new found flexibility in my neck!” – Mike

The Service Is Amazing

We love coming! Every one is so friendly and welcoming. The service is amazing. – Tracy

Fantastic Service

Fantastic service. Friendly and very timely. Not long waits which is wonderful! – Echo

Very Confident

“It was my first visit to a chiropractor ever and I felt very confident after the comprehensive assessment and I’m feeling better. Thank you.” – Jeanette

Improvements Of How My Back Feels

I love coming to Dr. Mark’s office, everyone knew my name after my first visit! There have been lots of improvements in how my back feels, that’s for sure! – Rose

Great Service

Great service and everyone here is really friendly and helpful. – Amber

Service Is Amazing

Service is amazing. Everyone here is very kind and friendly. They truly care about their clients. – Christian

Fantastic Atmosphere!

Fantastic atmosphere! The staff are so kind and understanding. 10 out of 10 would recommend! – Audrey

Very Welcoming

Excellent service, always very welcoming and on time. Easy to change appointments, accommodating. – Lisa

Very Positive

Very positive initial visit. Great office atmosphere – Dr. Mark, Susan and Linda were all very friendly, informative and helpful. – Mark

Loved The Thorough Approach

Loved the very thorough approach, love the philosophy of overall health and wellness, very kind friendly and helpful team love the practice! Will be sure to refer family and friends. – Rita

Sleeping Better

I can sleep better. I can walk without pain. I am starting to be able to exercise so I can pursue golfing in the spring. I should have come sooner. – April


My first time visiting a chiropractor and I was nervous at first but everyone made me feel comfortable and the way they explained everything was helpful and words that I can understand! I had a massage appointment as well and it was fantastic! I look forward to coming back again both for chiropractic and massage! – Rose

Warm And Welcoming Ways

It feels like we’ve come home – thank you for your warm and welcoming ways and for the genuine care you extend to us, and others. We feel like valued individuals and not just another number. Our children say, “Oh, he’s really good at doing people’s backs” and “I really like him doing my back-it feels so good.” – Stefanie

Gabrielle 2


Great Mobility Improvements

The Wellness Centre is a class act! I was very impressed with the level of knowledge about chiropractic practice and how it helps. I have seen great mobility improvements, no more pain and my organs are functioning better. I can feel it! –