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What Are Orthotics?

Heel painYour feet are the foundation of your body. They support you when you’re standing and they help protect your spine, bones, and soft tissues from damaging stress as you move around. Your feet may not be hurting, but if you’ve got pain in your neck, back, hips or knees, your feet should be evaluated by your chiropractor. Why?

Studies show that at birth, most of us have perfect feet. By age 20, 80% develop some type of foot problem, and by age 40, foot problems plague virtually everyone.

Your feet are the foundation for healthy posture. If the arches in one or both of your feet collapse, your body will not get the correct postural support. Like the foundation of a building, your body’s foundation, your feet, must be stable to support the weight above it.

Movement at one joint affects movement at other joints. And every time your foot hits the ground to take a step, you are passing that imbalance all the way up your skeletal structure. As your body compensates, stress is added to other body parts, including hips, knees and ankles, causing pain.

Orthotics Bring Balance

Fortunately, this imbalance can be easily corrected using orthotics that are custom made for each of your feet. I like to think of orthotics as tailor made foot beds which, when casted properly, will absolutely help you to hold your adjustments longer, improve posture, and give you the support you need for your feet, pelvis and spine. Orthotics will help speed up the healing process. I have personally been wearing custom-made orthotics for many years and strongly recommend them as a vital part of a chiropractic care plan. If you think orthotics might help get your body back in balance, speak to us. Your joints, spine and muscles will be happy you did.

Computerized Gait Analysis

Our centre has invested in the GaitScan™ System, a revolutionary diagnostic tool for assessing your biomechanics. GaitScan™ has an industry high 4096 sensors and scans at an industry high 300Hz (scans per second). These measurements provide us with a sophisticated explanation of your foot mechanics and assist in producing an excellent orthotic device.

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