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Chiropractor Southeast Calgary for Family Wellness

Stay Active at Chaparral Chiropractic Wellness Centre

In the gentle hands of our Southeast Calgary Chiropractors Dr. Mark Peverett and Dr. Barry Gjerdrum, your entire family from newborns to seniors can see their health improve. At Chaparral Chiropractic Wellness Centre, we are committed to delivering a unique wellness experience with compassion, integrity and the ultimate respect while inspiring our clients to lead a lifestyle that embraces the philosophy that health comes from within.

We use state-of-the-art technology to provide you with cutting-edge health care, using the latest techniques and equipment to give you efficient healing.

Maximizing Health, Inspiring Life

We want to help you live a fulfilling, vibrant life, allowing you to participate in the things you love with the people you care about. We offer:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Massage therapy
  • Nutritional Supplements & Health-related Products

We believe that wellness is a process, not a destination.

It is our lifestyle choices that create our current level of health. Ask yourself, how old would you say you are, if you didn’t know your age? Our biological age may be vastly different from how we feel. When we take responsibility for our choices, we have the best possible opportunity to achieve our health goals.

We seek to build a wellness centre driven by the foundational principles of chiropractic honoring the inborn health potential of the individual. Discover your greatest capacity for health and live with greater vitality and energy so that you can get more out of life. Contact our Chiropractor Southeast Calgary today! We welcome the opportunity to discuss what our chiropractic office can do for you.