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Why Kids Need Chiropractic Care


During my years of providing chiropractic care to the younger generation, there has been much attention given to the adverse effects of backpacks on the spines of school aged kids.  This continues to be a concern, however, the addition of prolonged use of technology is magnifying the potential for long term consequences.

The combination of these stressors are detrimental to the health of a child’s spine and nervous system – affecting the structure, function and overall health of their body.

The following are a few findings of recent research:

  • 37% of asymptomatic 20 year-olds have disc degeneration.
  • 30% of asymptomatic 20 year-olds have bulging discs.
  • 29% of asymptomatic 20 year-olds have disc protrusion (a kind of herniated disc). 19% of asymptomatic 20 year-olds have annular fissure (a tear in the tissue filling intervertebral space).

It is truly alarming that these findings are showing up at such an early age (and the use of technology has skyrocketed in recent years).

Below are a few quick tips to minimize the costly damages of technology and backpacks…

  • Limit the use of technology
  • Maintain proper posture while using technology & backpacks
  • Do regular spinal postural stretching and movement exercises
  • Hydrate with good intake of water
  • Stand, stretch and move regularly
  • Get Spinal Health Checks on a regular basis

A phrase that I like to communicate to families we provide care to is…“Start Healthy, Stay Healthy”

Give your kids the best opportunity for health and schedule a spinal check up today! 

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