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How to Keep Moving Throughout the Day

keep-moving-pushupsImagine this—you’ve just gotten home from a long day of work. What’s the first thing you do?

We can guess…is it sit down and relax?

While relaxing after a long day is sometimes needed, we live in an era where over-sitting has become the norm. After all, didn’t you sit all day at work?

If you’d like to incorporate more movement into your day, we’ve got a few easy tips for you to try!

1. Make time in the morning for a quick activity. This can be a simple 5-minute stretching routing or quick jog around your neighborhood. Anything that involves moving in the morning can set your day up for success as it awakens your body, which can help release mood boosting endorphins.

2. If you have a desk job, try setting an alarm on your phone every hour that reminds you to get up and move. Most smart watches also have this ability built right in! You can also try finding a walking buddy in your office to join you—this way, you’ll also get some friend-time in!

3. If you feel the need to watch TV or scroll through social media at the end of the day, consider taking the couch out of the equation. Instead, invest in a foam roller. These are easy and great to use for a few minutes each evening as they can help stretch out your muscles and release built-up tension. There are a few exercises that are also great for “over-sitters”, which include superman’s (lie on the floor face down and gently raise your legs and arms, repeat) and shoulder blade squeezes (squeeze your shoulder blades down and back, hold, release, repeat).

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