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Fitness and Foot Problems

Properly fitting shoes can help you avoid foot problems.

nike-shoes-orthoticsYou hate to admit it but sometimes exercising can be painful. No, we’re not talking about the muscle-ache type of pain here; we’re talking about foot pain that results from blisters, corns and calluses after you exercise! And this type of pain has actually nothing to do with the actual exercise you’re doing. Unfortunately, this type of pain can lead to limping or other compensation behaviors, which may result in back and leg pain!

The most common foot ailment resulting from exercise is blisters. But they don’t just appear all of a sudden – you can actually feel them starting to form. They are usually the result of ill-fitting or too-tight sneakers. Or, maybe you just have to straighten out that bunched up sock you’re wearing.

Foot moisture that occurs during exercise frequently causes blisters as well. It is best to wear a moisture-absorbing sock and to powder your feet before you put on your socks. It can also help to put a thin layer of petroleum jelly between your foot and your sock to prevent blisters from forming. Make sure you’re wearing shoes that fit properly as well.

Corns and calluses are two additional foot problems that can result from exercise. Both conditions involve the formation of hard, think layers of skin; corns form on or between the toes and calluses form on the soles and heels of the feet. Both result from ill-fitting athletic shoes or from frequent rubbing, friction or pressure involving those areas your foot.

To reduce foot problems associated with exercise, remember to:

  • Wear properly fitting shoes
  • Keep feet dry by using powder and athletic socks that wick moisture away (not cotton) to minimize blisters caused by friction
  • Change athletic footwear often
  • Warm up before exercise and increase the amount of time you spend exercising gradually, over time
  • Make sure athletic shoes provide proper arch support or use orthotics

Part of suiting up and showing up for your exercise routine is making sure you are doing all you can to prevent these types of feet problems. Follow these guidelines and you’ll reduce your chance of being sidelined.

Enduring foot pain? We can help! Chaparral Chiropractic Wellness Centre is proud to offer orthotics. Contact our office today for an assessment!

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