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Reviews for Chaparral Chiropractic Wellness Centre

  • Gina thumbnail

    Love the service, always quick and staff is always very friendly!

    - Gina
  • Justin thumbnail

    Absolutely excellent service

    - Justin
  • Kaitlyn thumbnail

    Outstanding service, I’ve noticed a big improvement in my mobility especially for my posing for competition. Made a big difference. Allowed me to take 1st place on May 1st in Vancouver.

    - Kaitlyn
  • Stacy thumbnail

    Great service; personable and punctual.

    - Stacy
  • Sherri H. thumbnail

    Excellent! Flexible, friendly, courteous service. Dr. Mark genuinely interested in your progress.

    - Sherri H.
  • Tanis thumbnail

    You are all fabulous!

    - Tanis
  • Thea thumbnail

    Very helpful.

    - Thea
  • Darcy thumbnail

    Fantastic! Always attentive and supportive to our needs.

    - Darcy
  • Geoff thumbnail

    Excellent service.

    - Geoff
  • Sarah thumbnail

    Great! I came in with lower back pain and after treatment with Dr. Mark I am pain free!

    - Sarah
  • Kelly thumbnail

    Friendly atmosphere.

    - Kelly
  • Jim T. thumbnail

    Good first impression.

    - Jim T.
  • Teri thumbnail

    Great! I feel very welcome when I’m here and always given information before I even ask.

    - Teri
  • Gail thumbnail

    Everyone’s wonderful! Consistently! ☺

    - Gail
  • Lynn thumbnail

    Excellent service. Never any wait. Forgiveness for missed appointments! ☺

    - Lynn
  • Duane  thumbnail

    Excellent, immediate issue was resolved and now working on general improvement!

    - Duane
  • Lorraine thumbnail

    Very friendly service, no waiting times.

    - Lorraine
  • Adrianna  thumbnail

    Great! – Very welcoming environment.

    - Adrianna
  • Lynn thumbnail

    Wonderful. Everybody is so nice, and makes me feel like at home.

    - Lynn
  • Rhianna  thumbnail

    Great Service, always friendly and accommodating.

    - Rhianna
  • Emily thumbnail

    Great. So helpful and accommodating.

    - Emily
  • Ellen thumbnail

    Great! Always friendly and easy to communicate with.

    - Ellen
  • Darcy S. thumbnail

    Everyone at Chaparral Chiropractic is professional and friendly, and my expectations were certainly exceeded! I’m so glad I decided to visit this clinic.

    - Darcy S.

Experience was fantastic.

Care plan has been very effective for my condition. Highly recommend the Chaparal Chiropractic Wellness center.


The staff are all fantastic!

I was happy that I was sent for x-rays, which gave me more confidence and encouragement that the doctor has some information to work with. I was also very impressed with the equipment and technology of this office to be able to determine much more information at the assessment stage. It was enlightening to glean so much information from watching a video explaining the bone structure and the nervous system. Some of this was new information to me. I was furthermore impressed with having the ability to pull up an online video demonstrating how to do some of the recommended exercises. I have needed to review this a few time to ensure that I was actually doing the exercise correctly. This was definitely a bonus for a visual person. I am extremely hopeful that with continued therapy and guidance from this practice, as well as my diligence to do what I need to do, I will be able to continue doing all the activities in my current lifestyle.


Welcoming and Calming

“Atmosphere is welcoming and calming. Noticed improved energy levels, congestion clearing up, better stress management.”

More Mobility, Less Pain

“Pain is not as bad, and have more mobility with less pain. I have stopped taking my anti-depressants. Seem happier, appear to be sleeping better. Found office education to be helpful and interesting. ” –

Service is Great

“Mobility has improved a lot, still need more work. Very accommodating pleasant and professional.” – Doug

Less Pain and More Mobility

“Better mood and sleeping better. Office people are nice, education was helpful and interesting.” – Minhao

Awesome and friendly



“It has been great to have problems fixed. I’ve also discovered new found flexibility in my neck!” – Mike

Excellent service

“Appointments are prompt. Times are flexible.” – Keith

Service is excellent!



Always on time and friendly professional treatment. – Tom

The Service Is Amazing

We love coming! Every one is so friendly and welcoming. The service is amazing. – Tracy

Fantastic Service

Fantastic service. Friendly and very timely. Not long waits which is wonderful! – Echo

Very Confident

“It was my first visit to a chiropractor ever and I felt very confident after the comprehensive assessment and I’m feeling better. Thank you.” – Jeanette

Improvements Of How My Back Feels

I love coming to Dr. Mark’s office, everyone knew my name after my first visit! There have been lots of improvements in how my back feels, that’s for sure! – Rose

Great Service

Great service and everyone here is really friendly and helpful. – Amber

Excellent Service

The service is excellent, very professional, and always polite and sympathetic. – Sam

Service Is Amazing

Service is amazing. Everyone here is very kind and friendly. They truly care about their clients. – Christian

Friendly Staff

The staff here is very nice, friendly, and compassionate. – Bonnie

Great Service

Great service! Speedy, efficient, and thorough. – Colleen

Fantastic Atmosphere!

Fantastic atmosphere! The staff are so kind and understanding. 10 out of 10 would recommend! – Audrey

Very Welcoming

Excellent service, always very welcoming and on time. Easy to change appointments, accommodating. – Lisa


Fantastic! I’m very happy with the overall experience. Great staff. – Gabrielle

Loved The Thorough Approach

Loved the very thorough approach, love the philosophy of overall health and wellness, very kind friendly and helpful team love the practice! Will be sure to refer family and friends. – Rita

Very Positive

Very positive initial visit. Great office atmosphere – Dr. Mark, Susan and Linda were all very friendly, informative and helpful. – Mark

More In Tune With My Body

I am a lot more in tune with my body. I also feel that I have an increased level of overall well being. – Kim

Sleeping Better

I can sleep better. I can walk without pain. I am starting to be able to exercise so I can pursue golfing in the spring. I should have come sooner. – April

Migraines Are Gone

I don’t get migraines anymore! Used to get 1-4 migraines a month! I haven’t had one in years now due to chiropractic! – Michelle

Great Way To Look At Health

Great way to look at health and wellness. – Blair

Love It Here

I love coming to your practice it is so relaxing and friendly. I have received wonderful care. – Barbara

Able To Function More Efficiently

You have addressed muscular areas as well. I feel more alert and able to function a lot more efficiently during my day. – Kristie


My first time visiting a chiropractor and I was nervous at first but everyone made me feel comfortable and the way they explained everything was helpful and words that I can understand! I had a massage appointment as well and it was fantastic! I look forward to coming back again both for chiropractic and massage! – Rose

Warm And Welcoming Ways

It feels like we’ve come home – thank you for your warm and welcoming ways and for the genuine care you extend to us, and others. We feel like valued individuals and not just another number. Our children say, “Oh, he’s really good at doing people’s backs” and “I really like him doing my back-it feels so good.” – Stefanie

Gabrielle 2


Great Mobility Improvements

The Wellness Centre is a class act! I was very impressed with the level of knowledge about chiropractic practice and how it helps. I have seen great mobility improvements, no more pain and my organs are functioning better. I can feel it! –


Feeling Great

I can do almost anything. I am on the wellness program meaning I receive a chiropractic treatment with Dr. Mark every two weeks. I follow this up by a massage with Sherri once a month (she is awesome) I feel great as long as I follow this regime. The staff is so friendly and I feel very comfortable with the team offering such good care to me. My health and range of motion are better for having chiropractic as part of my health and wellness plan.


Helping With My Pain Issues

My wellness experience has been truly amazing here at Chaparral Chiropractic. I am so thankful to Dr. Mark for his dedication and hard work in helping with my pain issues, regaining my strength and most importantly avoiding a surgery that was recommended by an Orthopedic Surgeon.

I am now a strong believer in chiropractic care, and will continue to make regular visits to maintain my health and wellness. Also thanks to the other members of the team (namely Linda & Susan) for creating a very friendly and relaxing atmosphere, each and every time I have visited the office.


Very Friendly

Everyone was very friendly and great with my children, making the first appointment go very smoothly. The place was very clean, neat and everything seemed to be organized and run on time. We really enjoyed our first experience and I’m glad we decided to just go for it, because it was well worth it! Thank you so much!!

Raili V.